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What is Video Intelligence?

AI for the Adult Industry

Video Intelligence describes a set of AI and Computer Vision technologies that allows us to extract important information about a video, such as:

  • Video makeup and composition
  • How sexually explicit is it, i.e. nudity, masturbation, penetrative acts, bodily fluids, etc
  • When sexual actions happen
  • Who is in a scene
  • Estimated age of a performer
  • Where shots begin and end
  • ...and other important characteristics of a video that can be hard to come by manually
It could take many hours for a human to manually tag every second of a video and identify who's in it - our system does this automatically for you, and in minutes, opening up entirely new ways for you to moderate and monetize your content and platform.

We've found that AI and VI offerings from mainstream technology providers work poorly with adult content. We've designed this sytem from the ground up to work with sexually explicit content, based on data and feedback from some of the largest companies in the Adult industry, combined with years of our own technology expertise. For more information, continue reading, or click the "Contact" button below.


Content Moderation

Protect your processing

With banks and merchant processors requiring adult platforms to verify identity, age, and consent for all content uploaded by Creators, having automated tools that can assist and inform moderation decisions are more important than ever.

We know how time-consuming identity verification within content can be, especially if you need to go through an existing library to stay within compliance measures. AdultVI's Identity Verification system was designed to enhance content moderation and to help moderators stay on top of current uploads and libraries without the long hours.

Biometric Verification

If a Performer is discoverd in a video that has not been verified by the Creator's account, the system will flag the video and mark the time locations where the unknown person(s) appear.

Age Estimation

For newly onboarded or unknown persons discovered in a video, we apply specialized age estimation algorithms to determine the age range of the Creator/Performer.

People Detection

There are times when a Performer may be masked or only certain body parts appear, making it so that we can't identify the Performer. We apply specialized techniques to detect and flag these instances, so moderators can follow-up.

Evolving Biometrics

Creators and performers will constantly change their looks, making it hard to postively identify the Creator across videos. Our system will automatically evolve the biometrics over time, adapting to the Creator.

Privacy and Abuse

We've designed our system from the ground up with Privacy in mind, so that our biometrics can NEVER be abused. All biometrics are stored anonymously, and can only be referenced by an ID known only to the platform.

Accessible API

Our Content Moderation system is provided through an easy to use API. Typically, we'll integrate directly with your CDN, so we can quickly access and process content.

Additional Features

We also support the ability to detect nudity, score how sexually explicit content is, and to detect other potential ToS and content violations. Please reach out for more information.



"Data is Currency"

Easy to use API

AdultVI is powered by an easy-to-use Cloud based API - you send in a link/URL through the API that points to a video file on your CDN or network, and the system does the rest. Our systems will "watch" the video, detecting tags based on what it sees, and recording them on a second-by-second basis. We then run a series of algorithms to process this data, giving you critical information regarding the video. Once processed, we make it available for you to grab and use however you like (see below for typical uses).

Search and Recommendations

Determining which videos to promote or to put on "Page 1" of search results is crucial to improving time-on-site, views, stickiness, and sales. Our Video Data Profile contains crucial data points that improves all of these systems.


Automatically discover tags for your content, and know exactly when that tag shows up in your clips. Great for timeline action tagging and automated video editing.

Point-in-Time Search

Create a whole new way to search, by returning action results from within videos.

Jump-To / Skip-Intro

Give your users the option to jump straight to the action within your video player, which will make them happy while saving you bandwidth.

Automated Video Editing

We also provide Automated Video Editing solutions for automatic CPP, preview, thumbnail, and Compilation generation. This service is still in preview, but we are accepting new clients who meet certain pre-qualifications. Reach out to us from the Contact form if you're interested and would like to see if you qualify.


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Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We have an answer.

Here is a list of answers to frequently asked questions about AdultVI. If you have a question not in the list, send it our way through our contact form.

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Reach out to us from the Contact Form, and we'll give you all the details on how to get started.

Our prices are based on a per-minute rate of source video. Please contact us for an individualized quote (we do provide volume rates).

This depends greatly on the source system and the video runtime, but generally speaking, it takes 5-10 minutes for the system to fully evaluate a video and provide a response.

Yes, but we are VERY restrictive with it's use. Traditionally, it has been used un-ethically within the Adult Industry, and we will not tolerate our tech being used to out or harm Performers and Creators. We will only provide this technology to clients who have a legitimate business use for it and follow all laws and regulations surrounding facial recognition technology. All facial recognition data in our system is anonymized, meaning we do not know who the data identifies. This prevents anyone from taking the data stored in our system and abusing it. We take this very serious, and are open to any feedback from the industry and performer groups regarding it.

If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us.